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Saturday, November 19, 2005

The End of an Era

So, I was just sitting here updating my blog, checking stuff out on PSS and it hit me.

I woke up this morning (or rather noon) and I walked downstairs, flipped the papers and saw the headline in The Star: "Captain Roy Keane leaves Man United". I went, "Huh?", thought about it a little bit, told myself I kinda of saw this coming (after his MUTV fiasco) and then headed out for lunch with some friends.

Source: www.soccernet.com

It's now suddenly hit me. Oh my god, Roy Keane is leaving. And suddenly I'm depressed. I've not been a United fan for long by comparison to my sister and some friends. In fact, I only started following football in the mid 90s just before I started college.

In that sense, Roy Keane has always been THE captain for me.

And his leaving United, whether because he was sacked, or by choice, marks the end of an era.

He headed THE generation of winning Mancunians, and now, with the influx of new players (naturally, of course), United will never be the same United I knew. I guess many others who have been following the game way before I have will say the same more many others such as Bryan Robson and Eric Cantona left. But like I said, Keano was THE captain for me.

With dear ol' becks, Phil Neville, Nicky Butt already gone - and now Keane - the old (for me at least) glory days of United is over. Scholsey has already retired from international, a sign that he's winding down soon, Giggsy is getting to THAT age and Solskjaer has not recovered from the injuries that's plagued him since he first step foot in Old Trafford. Gary Neville remains - and he is my choice for next captain - but for how long, I can't be certain.

When my sister talks about the old glory days of United, or my dad *cough* talks about the old Gunners, and my brother-in-laws talk about the good old days of Liverpool - when I speak in the future, this era will be my good old United.

Good bye Roy, and thanks for all the fish.


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