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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

War Of The World? Pfft... (Spoiler Warning)

Well, thanks to Eugene (and media passes), I was at the Premier of the quite highly anticipated War of the Worlds starring Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning.

If you don't know what a spoiler is... haii... means I will talk about things that happen in the show lah.

At the end of the movie, all I could think of was - if there's any truth in allegations that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes only got together for publicity, well then, thank god because the only thing that will sell a movie like that is hype.

I'm trying to avoid spoilers but there's just some things I can't understand.

How is it that when you're being attacked and everyone is running away but you're not just standing there trying to be macho but going towards it?

How is it that everyone kena tembak mati, but you can stand right under that thing and langsung tak mati?

How is it that such 'intelligent' creatures like aliens who can plan the end of earth before earth started, can roast you into charcoal but cannot: a) hear your breathing and b) hear you struggling with another person and c) hear a girl sniffle and cry?

How come a girl can cry and keep screaming for two days and a) not get a sore throat and b) not lose her voice?

How is it that all building retak, and collapse and blood here and there but the house you're aiming to go for, not even a drop of blood, let alone a hairline crack?

How is it that all the power mati - electricity, car battery, cordless phone and even mobile phone - but video recorder can work?

That's only a few things I remember. I know, many will say, that's just a movie. Even mum will go, "If it's not like that then no show to watch lor". Still? Aren't movies supposed to be realistic (okay, fine, so there's no aliens that we know of... yet!)?

There were many more inconsistencies, and most of all, draggy scenes. Like how many time you want to show that Tom Cruise is so smart to hide from the aliens? Or how fit he is that he can run away from explosions? A coherent story, that at least explained some of the stuff would suffice.

I was thoroughly dissapointed... but that's just me lah. Like tak syok the show... not enough action, can you imagine - a chicken like me only jumped ONCE in the whole movie?

Oh, and sticking to the unrelaistic theme, maybe they should have gotten Tom Cruise to run into the house, grab a towel and hitch a ride into the galaxy, eh? :D


Anonymous Scribbler said...

Methinks I'll give this movie a miss... doesn't sound like I'd be missing out on much :D

Thanks for the comment on my blog, btw :)

12:10 PM

Blogger KinkyPugKevin said...

I'm not reading... I'm not reading...

12:40 PM

Anonymous jc said...

Somehow, this is like a movie that I don't feel like watching. (i'm like that la.. either i so want to watch a movie.. or no interest at all). But Niki.. I like your spoilers!

Hey guys! Anyone checked out 'Harold & Kumar go to Whitecastle'? I like it so much.. yeah.. one of those stupid show but I like it. And I miss whitecastle....

2:12 PM

Anonymous Big-Pern said...

First let me say that I havent seen the movie as of yet but do plan on seeing it this weekend. I find it funny how people pick out every little thing with ANY movie and tear it apart. A movie is well just that a movie. Somethng we watch (or at least I do) for enjoyment, an escape for the day to day or just to get out of the house because the wallpaper is getting on my last freaking nerve. Ill bet if you take the time you will be able to tear apart any and I mean ANY movie for exaple :

* How could anyone make something as big as the death star? That thing would take the resorces of a 1000 worlds!!

* In all the King Kong movies how come he never took a King Kong size crap on anything? Im sure King Kong still takes a crap!!

* I seen a guys in the Alamo who had a pair of Nikes on! Did they even have Nikes back then?

I really could go on all day with that one but just wanted to make a point that I for one just goto a movie for the reasons stated above not for a lesson in taking over Earth, learning how to use a light saber or the proper handling of the Lost Ark.

Thats my $.02
Big Perm
Austin Texas

12:36 PM


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