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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Wimbledon Updates

I don't think I've ever blogged on tennis before but I figured now is a good time as any, just before I head to bed after watching Lindsay Davenport beat Kim Clijsters in the 4th Round of the third grand slam of the year, the Wimbledon Championships.

Now, what's got me even more happy is that Andy Roddick also made it through to the quarterfinals by beating Guillermo Coria earlier (I was upset though, that they didn't show this game on TV).

Source: Lindsay (Yahoo! Sports), Andy (AndyRoddick.com)

I'm also pretty happy that Venus Williams is in the quarterfinals as well, after avenging sister Serena's loss to Jill Craybas. I have to admit that Venus is my favourite of the two sisters, and hope that she does well (although if she does meet Lindsay along the way, I really don't know who I'd be rooting for). I wasn't sad to see Serena lose to be honest.

I was pretty upset for Marat Safin (lost in the second round), who together with Lindsay, Andy and Venus, are my favourite players currently. I used to like Sebastien Grosjean a lot but his form has dropped, and has been unimpressive in the past year or so.

Grosjean is currently playing as I type to qualify for the quarterfinals. Another person who is currently playing is defending champion, Roger Federer. He is playing Juan Carlos Ferrero and I hope that Juan Carlos beats him. Maybe I'm still smarting from his beating Andy last year, but since his winning streak, I've always been rooting for anyone to beat Roger. Imagine my glee when Marat beat him at the Rod Laver Arena (during the Australian Open) earlier this year, and Rafael Nadal beat him at Roland Garros (French Open) barely a few weeks ago.

Another person I'd like to see lose is Maria Sharapova but that's more from jealousy. I don't really know why I don't like her (maybe, again, because she beat Lindsay at this tournament last year). I just don't. Maybe it's cos she makes too much noise on court. Whatever.

I hope Andy and Lindsay takes the title this year. And if it has to be anyone but Lindsay, then I hope Venus gets it. As for Andy, well, anyone's better than Federer. Maybe when Federer loses all 4 Grand Slams this year, I might feel sorry for him next year.

(Hah! Like what I think makes a difference to them!) :P


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