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Friday, May 27, 2005

If You Want To Go, Just Go

Okay, I've got a bit of a rant.

I had dinner with a friend, who had company at the dinner table by the time I joined then. Kesimpulannya, I crashed lah. But that's not the story.

Now, this friend of his had been living overseas quite a while now. The story I got was that he got his degree and just stayed on. Now, here's what I think - if you choose to stay on, you choose to leave whatever you have behind. Correct? I mean, sure, home is where the heart is and all that jazz but really, your family might be here etc but if you leave, it's usually because you see something better elsewhere, be it love, career, lifestyle.

So, what gives you the damn right to come back here and complain about how things are here?

Okay, so I know that KL has a crap transport system, and the our drivers are vicious. But really, if this was what you choose to leave behind, then why come back and complain about it? Okay fine, so you're allowed to complain maybe. But to compare it to how things are where you are? Then GO BACK THERE AND DON'T COME BACK if it's so horrible here.

I mean, I'm not saying that I don't complain. Sure, I wish we had better roads, better politicians, more equality etc etc etc. But the difference is that I still choose to live in this country because I love it for what it is, corruption and 34-million Ringgit cops to go with it. Sure, I don't condone it but hey, if KL was to turn as sterile as Singapore with no chewing gum (I hear they've removed the ban), mamak stalls, burger Ramlee and CCTV cameras in the toilets, I don't think I'd like living here anymore.

Not only that, I didn't decide to run away. And leave all this behind. Because I could if I wanted to. But hey, I'm also a realist. I realise that we are still developing as a country, that as an Asian country, the majority will naturally be more liberal. And I believe that Rome wasn't built in a day (i.e. 2020 isn't going to come in 2006 - I have my doubts about 2020 itself but that's a different story).

Now, what really irks me also is the fact that people who go overseas and study and come back and complain. Look, you knew what KL was like before you left, you could choose to leave or stay there. How can you go to a first world country, and a country that is so much older than ours and compare it? It just doesn't make sense.

And what's all this about people asking me why I never stayed in Australia when I finished studying. Why must I? Do you ever ask those that DO decide to stay back WHY they decided not to come back? No. Why?

Look, there's no way we're going to progress even a little bit with this sort of mentality. Sure, there is a long way to go but hey, do something about it instead of just complaining. Or running away.


Blogger minishorts said...

after a while, you rant again, and yeah, one that makes complete sense.

treating 'home' like your average hotel just means you have no love for the country. people like this just have no fucking right to complain all the same.

just because your birthright says 'malaysian' doesn't make you malaysian.

there's the other bunch of malaysian expats who go overseas and start writing about malaysia and her people like they've lived here all their lives. and when the facts get screwed up, they try to defend themselves with lame lines like, 'you know i was brought up in this particular state, so i should know.'

well, i would say to these kinds to try living here for at least 5 years or so, then only tell the world 'what you should know.' forced patriotism makes me want to puke.

10:08 AM

Anonymous Nizam Zakaria said...

I've griped about Singapore for ages and I had decided to come to Malaysia after finishing my study in the States. I never looked back eversince...

Some folks thought I was crazy to do that... You know, coming to Malaysia. Giving up my citizenship and all that (curiously enough, it was wmy Chinese Malaysia friends who thought I was crazy lah...).

For all it's shortcomings, I still consider this country home...

10:12 AM

Blogger desiderata said...

Yes, I have "friends" who visit Down Under for just a couple of weeks and sing that country's praises to High eaven! Then they rubbish dear old Msia they grew up in for 40-50 years and made their fortune here; when a social issue crops up for discussion at the teh tarik stall, and I had prepared a "petition" just for His signature, he "backed out" -- such people are just cowards -- they ct to gripe and swear as if everybody owes them a living and a public service. Hey, GO THY WAY and leave us Msians ALONE, with our ups and downs, sMILES and frowns! At least we try to do SOMEthing about improving it. Words are cheap by the thousand, taking one small step to standing up to be counting requires COURAGE!

1:16 PM

Blogger Alex said...


"You have learnt your lesson well" (thought that this line in one advert some time back and uttered by one Mr. Patrick Teoh is apt).

Wish there were more people like your 3 commentators.

Old people like me always reminisces about the "sixties" where we "hammered" all and sundry if we think they (including the authorities) are not right but we also sure as hell will "fight" if you talk bad about our country.

4:57 PM

Anonymous bern said...

I have come across people who do the "This wouldn't have happen if I was in < insert western country here >". And yes, you're right, they really shouldn't gripe so much. I mean, I'm pretty sure every country has its own set of issues.

I for one would love to go overseas and live a 'better lifestyle'. But you know what, at the end of the day, this is home. I would go, just to experience the life outside for awhile, but Malaysia will definitely be my end point.

5:54 PM

Blogger mamat said...

Came by via your feedback on my post, 'HIV test confidentiality!'. Thanks for the feedback and visit. Really appreciate it.

I would count as one of the statistic of disgruntled 'overseas educated Malaysian' who came back and wished that Malaysia would be a much better country that it is now. Yeah, the enjoyable overseas stay has made me wished that we are a much developed nation rather that it is.

Malaysia is still my country and love it, but would loved it even more if it is much more citizen-friendly, rather than 'friendly towards those who are in power' only.

We deserve better.


ps: On your feedback. Thanks for agree-ing.
I share your prayers that 'proper laws in place to legislate discrimination properly, proper privacy laws in place etc.', excellent governance would be a reality in the very near future.
Yup, the rule is as you said 'absolutely ridiculous', for the time being.

1:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, we were born in this country. Like it or not, you can't go back to being a zigot and ask your parents to move to New York now can you?


2:57 PM

Anonymous ShaolinTiger said...

I am the expat that whines about Malaysia, is that allowed?

I do agree though the people that run away and come back now and then to moan about how crappy things are should just shut the fuck up and go back wherever it is they think is so wonderful seen as though they don't have the balls to stay in Malaysia and try and change things for the better.

3:42 PM

Anonymous S-Kay said...

I went to Bangkok and I have to admit that their LRTs there are so much better than ours (my own point of view) but honestly, in my mind, I was like "Heck, so what if theirs are more efficient, I still love my country, without its inefficient public transportation, it won't be Malaysia already =P

I would find better opportunities elsewhere which I can't find back here in Malaysia but when the time comes, it is my home country that I would return to regardless of whether or not they've changed for the better or not.

5:10 PM

Anonymous Jemey said...

There is a saying about all these isn't it? "The grass is always greener........"

2:16 PM

Blogger niki said...

It's really refreshing to see comments like this - it may just be 10, but seems like maybe there still is hope for Malaysia. :) Joy, joy!

9:16 AM


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