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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Oh, there is a God!

I tried to wake up ut couldn't pull myself out of my bed for the game. But oh, glory, glory!

I spent the whole day yesterday making an affirmation hoping that Liverpool would win, and wipe the smirk of Mr. Mourinho's face.

Guess what?

LIVERPOOL WON (In case you haven't already heard). I don't care about controversial goals, Liverpool won!

Those of you who know me would never have thought I'd have ever supported Liverpool. No, I haven't turned my back on MU but god, I wanted to see Chelsea lose sooooo bad! :D Yay, yay, yay!

So for the moment, Liverpool, you have my best wishes for Istanbul.

p/s Which reminds me of something dad told me that Sashi blogged about - and the story is available here. Could this be true?


Blogger sashi said...

Dude - I'm buzzing! I'm currently staying upright purely due to adrenaline and copious amounts of caffeine - but it don't matter cos the Reds are going to Istanbul! The fact we beat Chelski just makes it all the more sweeter...

9:46 AM


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