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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Born Again

Well, here is the start of a new adventure.

Umm...it's actually the same adventure except that it's hosted at a new place. As some of you may know, I used to host my blog using MovableType on my own website - nicsteronline.com

Being the smart-arse that I was, I meddled with the settings when I upgraded MT, and well, now my comments don't work. Sucks big time. So, I decided that MT, as my friend David Teoh said, is like a woman (no offense) - so yeah, I'm going to host my blog somewhere else.

I hope that the few of you who have links to my blog wouldn't mind changing it to this place. And if you do, well, what to do kan?

In the mean time, I hope to start blogging much more and get back in the groove again. Hope to see you here soon then, mates.




Anonymous Leona said...

Since you've got your own server space, why not install Wordpress instead of MT or Blogger. Isn't Blogger a little limited?

1:13 AM

Blogger benel_is_david said...

wordpress is not bad

but don't bother la... :P

12:12 PM

Blogger dannyFoo said...

Everyone learns from a mistake. If you're just going to give up something because of a mistake that tiny, you still have much to learn grasshopper. :P

1:06 PM


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