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Friday, June 24, 2005

Everyone wanted to hump Kenny Sia at the PPS 2nd Birthday Bash!

Ahhh... well, I expeceted Kenny Sia to be that popular but that dear old humble friend of mine wasn't too sure. I walked into the bash at Charlie's Place in KL and immediately saw him - and considering that he was the only person I recognised, I went up to him immediately (which made me look like a groupie - but you get that).

Then suddenly, 20 people were surrounding us, all wanting pictures with Mr. Coconuts.

Thank god, I met Minishorts, who I've also not seen in a while.

I'm usually not comfortable in situations where I don't know people - my friends would scoff at this comment but really, if I don't know you, I'm quite shy. And to be honest with you, I only went for two reasons.

1. I've not seen Kenny Sia since I left Uni more than three years ago.
2. I've owed David Teoh a drink for almost a year. (Hey David, thanks for reminding me about the party tonight!)

The event turned out okay for me. The nametag thing was a bit school-boyish (but since David said I don't look THAT old - I was okay with wearing it if only to make me look young again).

(I didn't bring my camera to the event, so this was the only shot I took when I came home) :P

Initially, I was a bit wary of the people - everyone seemed to know each other but a couple of beers took care of that.

I don't remember most of the people I talked too but it was nice to meet them all once and for all. One person I do remember meeting is Huai Bin, I had followed his blog a long time back. I quite enjoyed his blog. It was also nice to meet Sharizal for the first time too. In fact, it was nice to see a few people from back in 2003 when I started blogging (I didn't say hi to many of you, but it was nice meeting you anyway). I did wish that Wena was around, and that I could meet her for the first time though.

What tonight did do for me (and thanks to Mack for the conversation, everything you said) is reignite my blogging interest. I know there are two or three of you who still read my blog but the few people who used to follow my blog a long time ago, don't anymore. And I hope that this is mainly due to my lack of blogging.

The thing is - I'm a writer by profession and sometimes, it's just too much for me to keep writing. Granted, most of the things I write for, for a living, is superficial and frivolous, but it's writing nevertheless.

I long for the days when I have the time, and energy to update my blog every couple of days. These days, I'm lucky if I have two posts a month. I hope to increase this though, and bring up issues close to my heart again, instead of just ranting about it over dinner to my dad and then forgetting it after.

Thanks to PPS for keeping me going all this time, thanks to Aiz for PPS. And happy birthday!

p/s Oh, and if you're wondering about my headline for this post - well, just be on the lookout at PPS tomorrow and the next couple of days. I'm sure the photos will start appearing, one at a time (and trust me, there were lots!). ;)


Blogger mystic said...

Wow...u r fast! How come u are back so early? The party ended already? Sadly, I am having loads of fun here in Bali....:)

12:56 AM

Blogger RaY7 said...

What a Great Fun u Having there. Wish I was there. Cheers.

3:18 AM

Anonymous David said...

Hi Nic, Dave from Itchy Hands here. Nice meeting you last night. I've got you on RSS now, so that's one more reader you have. Will keep in touch, take care!

10:27 AM

Blogger benel_is_david said...

i have like 3 voice messages from you, and text messages too saying how bored you were. Glad u enjoyed yourself... forgot to take photo with u la... sigh... i was too in a daze... running on Aussie time.

11:31 AM

Blogger niki said...

Mystic: It was past my bed time! :P

Itchy Hands: Good meeting you too, I think you were one of the few people I didn't know who I chatted to all night.

David Teoh: It was only TWO phone calls, only ONE of which was a voice message and an SMS! :P And please, you've been back for 4 days, and Melbourne is only 2 hrs difference - so the drama queen. I've taught you well.

APCC: don't know if you'll read this message - thanks for the comment in my other post. Not sure if I remember who you are (green shirt? :|) Do you have a blog somewhere?

11:57 AM

Anonymous apcc said...

hi there. not exactly like some stricking green shirt, but a checkered one, with a green sticker tag... anyway, managed to have my itchy hand 'scratched', but didn't manage to say hi to ya. was wondering who's nicster and found ur blog again.


12:11 PM

Blogger benel_is_david said...

hey ... i think u put the phone in your pocket, you left another short blank voice message, and a long one which goes on for a few minutes.

Not drama queenla.... your jedi master delusions have been quashed... unfortunately.

hope you had a good time.

9:32 PM

Blogger lainieyeoh said...

Nice meeting ya there, for a lil while :D

I can't believe you called him mr coconuts...I think I'm gonna do that too from now on...heh.

11:02 PM


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