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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Roddick vs Grosjean - WHAT A GAME!

Woah! What a game!

One of my favourite players (besides Marat Safin) vs a player I really admired at the oldest tennis Grand Slam event - Wimbledon.

Source: Andy (andyroddick.com), Sebastien (bbc.co.uk)

I must say thought that I really wanted Andy to win but if Grosjean had won, I wouldn't have been too upset. The game went into an amazing five-setter, each set could have gone anyway cos it really didn't matter who got the first break, there was always that risk of being broken back... and it came bloody close to happening, and was even actual occurances.

Both were serving spectacularly, both were rallying amazingly and both were playing magically. Some stroke you've never seen in your life, some returns you never imagined could be return and some bloody, fucking accurate on-the-line balls that could only be desribed through swearing.

I have renewed respect for Sebastien Grosjean - if this game is an indication of what's to come, I think we might have back the old Grosjean that I really, really enjoyed watching.

In other news, bloody stupid Federer is in the semis as well, and will meet Lleyton Hewitt. GO HEWITT! Upset the bugger! :D


Anonymous CS said...

that's weird, I am living in Australia, I play tennis, I watched tennis, but I hate Hewitt. Roger Federer is a much more humble (not to mention better) player / person as compare to Hewitt. Just wondering why do you hate Federer :)

My fav is Nadal :) always support the youngster. He and Thomas Johansson will be the 2 giants in the future.

10:41 AM

Blogger hcfoo said...

My fav is Nadal too. He improves so much. I admire his mentality the most. And of course not to mention his charisma and style on court.

But my bet in Wimbledon this year, got to be Federer. He is a classy player and Roddick is far from beating him :)

On the ladies' final, I have my 100% on the defending champion.

1:30 PM

Blogger niki said...

Hate to brag but hahahaha Sharapova lost! Wooo :P

And while I admit Nadal is good, I think he's got some time yet to prove his consistency, he's still relatively new - the Wimbledon was only his second Grand Slam appearance ever. So, I don't know how you're actually gauging his improvement.

As for Johansson, he's one of the oldest players in the circuit - how does make him a potential giant in the future? A retirement maybe :)

Sharapova lost! Sharapova lost! Sharapova lost! hehe

Now, I hope that Andy can beat Federer - okay, fine, so it does look like Federer's gonna win but hey, a guy can dream eh?

2:34 AM


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